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These 20 Things Are Considered "Retro" Now, And If You've Done Them You're Apparently Old Now

It's wild and honestly downright scary to me these things are considered "retro."

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There's a new survey/meme pic going around online that's making me feel old as all hell!

It's this "Never Have I Ever: Retro Edition":

Ok 1 point for anything you have NEVER done.

Twitter: @CastellKim

The fact that it's called "retro edition" and includes thing like "having an AOL email address" is especially triggering!

That means I'm practically 87...yay!

Anyway, I'm curious if you're as *old* as me, so let's take some polls together*.

For the record, Frankie Muniz has done all of them and still has an AOL email address...

I've done every single one of these. I still do a few of them weekly... Does that make me super old school? I still have an AOL email address. I write paper checks almost daily. I listen to my Creed CD in my truck... https://t.co/fAsljxKT12

Twitter: @frankiemuniz

Anyway, sorry to all you "retro" folk who ALSO did all of this. See you in the next issue of AARP!