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    I've Been Obsessed With Reba McEntire's Nickname For Her Boyfriend Since 2020, And Now We Finally Know Where The Heck It Came From

    Love my lil' tots.

    Hello, Tweebas!

    (A Tweeba is what Reba calls her Twitter fans.)

    A Tweet giving a shoutout to her Tweebas

    In case you're not in on all the hot goss with Hollywood's most iconic couples, then Reba and her boyfriend, Rex Linn, might not be on your radar.

    Reba looking happy with a corndog

    The couple hard launched their relationship back in 2020.

    Reba posted this cute pic of them together.

    That's when we learned their nicknames for each other...

    Rebe tweeted "Fun in MT with my Sugar Tot!!!"

    Reba calls Rex "Sugar Tot."

    Sugar Tot!!!

    And Rex calls Reba "Tater Tot."

    My country lovin' heart. <3<3

    Collectively, they are known as the "Tots."

    The Tots love going on movie dates.

    They love playing with rescue dogs.

    They go on double dates.

    They make fun lil' skits.

    They really are out here living their best lives.

    But one thing we never knew about the Tots is the origin of their nicknames. Where the heck do Tater Tot and Sugar Tot come from?!

    Well, we have answers.

    Reba told the story behind the *pet names* to Jennifer Hudson.

    View this video on YouTube

    Warner Bros.

    Reba explained that she met Rex in 1991 on the movie The Gambler.

    They've stayed in touch through the years, but found themselves working together in January 2020 on Young Sheldon.

    Rex asked her to dinner, and the two went for a nightcap at a wine bar down the street.

    "Well, I understand you've already had dinner, but we do have some good appetizers,'" the waiter said.

    "I said, 'What do you have?' They said, 'Well, we have tater tots.' I went, [raises hand], and so Rex said, 'That's your nickname from here on out: Tater Tot.'"

    She told Jennifer she calls him "Sugar Tot" in response.

    And boom, that's why they're called the "Tots."

    Love wins!