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43 Reasons Why The Spice Girls Are The Best Girl Group Of All Time


1. Their flawless sense of style.

2. Innovative, creative poses.

3. The weird weapon thing in the "Say You'll Be There" video.

4. Their alter-egos in the "Say You'll Be There" video.

5. Basically, "Say You'll Be There" is an awesome video.

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6. The Spice Girls were always ahead of the curve with technology.

There is a cellphone and a laptop in this picture.

"Jolly ol' day, Sporty!"

"Top of the mornin' to ya, Baby!"

7. They were really excellent at making friends with motorbike riders in Vietnam.

8. This picture of Sporty Spice.

9. The fact that they were totally beating Hanson on Celebrity Death Match until Marilyn Manson unfairly dropped in and killed them all.

10. Their impeccable Rolling Stone cover.

11. The Spice Cam.

12. And body spray.

13. And video games.

14. The Spice Girls were REALLY good at selling shit.

15. Baby Spice's ability to float.

16. Baby Spice's platform shoe collection.

17. Baby Spice wearing platform shoes at the beach.

18. Their ability to run in platform shoes.

19. Platform shoes in general.

20. Victoria's stink face.

21. Victoria posing with Buzz Lightyear.

22. Victoria being the only one drinking wine in the elevator.

23. Victoria meeting Nelson Mandela.

24. Victoria creeping on Prince Harry.

25. And this Victoria pose, too.

26. This adorable picture showing how amazing and real their chemistry is.

27. This adorable picture showing how amazing and real their chemistry is.

28. This adorable picture showing how amazing and real their chemistry is.

29. Ben Savage apparently likes them.

30. This is just a cool picture of them.

31. Their immaculate Christmas photoshoot.

32. Victoria's hand in their Christmas photoshoot.


34. Like this gif.

35. And this gif.

36. Can't forget this gif.

37. But ESPECIALLY this gif.

38. Really, they are great actors.

39. Scary Spice's eyeball pants.

40. Scary Spice's horns.

41. Scary Spice's cushion shirt.

42. Scary Spice is basically a fashion icon.

43. The fact that they have really been friends all these years.

And we'll just forget about this and act like it never happened because it's sad and just makes us all angry at Ginger Spice.