15 Logical Reasons Why Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Should Break Up

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD it’s time for them to just end it already.

1. Eva doesn’t deserve these eyes.

2. Eva doesn’t deserve this hair.

3. Eva doesn’t deserve this smile.

4. Eva doesn’t deserve these lips.

5. Eva doesn’t deserve this overall flaw-free beauty.

6. They also look disgusting together.

7. Truly gross.

No chemistry.

8. Ryan is 7 years younger than Eva.

That means when Eva’s 62, Ryan will be 55. Totally unrealistic and illogical.

9. Their baby would look like a troll.

10. Ryan likes to drive.

Let Ryan drive, Eva.

So controlling.

11. Eva talks to her dog in French.

I’m pretty sure Ryan’s dog doesn’t speak French.

12. Ryan’s favorite food is calamari. Eva’s favorite food is BREAD.

Not a match.

13. Eva is unstable.

So unstable.

15. Eva doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter and that’s rude. She has only tweeted once which means she’s a quitter.


if you re-arrange the letters in her name you can almost spell “devil”

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