People Are Completely Divided Over This "Rainbow Cookie Egg Roll" Being Served At Met's Baseball Games

    No offense, but I'm into it.

    Yesterday, a hot take about hating Italian cookies went viral.

    Italians suck so bad at cookies like walking into a bakery and seeing this kinda ruins my day

    — annabella (@toebruises) March 19, 2024
    Twitter: @toebruises

    Italian Americans were PISSED.

    Hey you shut the hell up I’ll eat this whole plate

    — Be Nice Or Leave Me Alone (@miaspaced) March 20, 2024
    Twitter: @miaspaced

    Like, this person threatened his deceased nonna on the them.

    showing this tweet to my nana’s urn so she’ll haunt you

    — andrew ketcham (@islafissure) March 20, 2024
    Twitter: @islafissure

    Today, we have more rainbow cookie discourse.

    Slice of rainbow cake next to a toppled coffee cup on a saucer

    The Mets have unveiled a "rainbow cookie egg roll" they will be selling at Citi Field this season:

    The Mets will have a rainbow cookie egg roll as a new food item at Citi Field this season 👀
    It contains rainbow cookie, raspberry jam and chocolate syrup rolled in an egg roll wrapper

    — MLB (@MLB) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @MLB

    It's certainly... something.

    this rainbow cookie egg roll the mets will be offering at citi field would kill a medieval peasant

    — Emerson Lotzia, Jr. (@EmersonLotzia) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @EmersonLotzia

    Eric M. Hammer tried it and called it "sensational."

    Twitter: @TheEricHammer

    Other people are not so sure.

    The @Mets will once again have the best food in Major League Baseball this season.

    Best new add?

    The Rainbow Cookie Egg Roll 😳

    — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @darrenrovell

    People are definitely divided over the creation.

    I’m willing to eat almost anything but I wouldn’t go near this monstrosity

    — christina ;P (@wearethosemfs) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @wearethosemfs

    This person called it the "worse concession item at a ball game."

    Hard pass. Name a worse concession item at a ball game.

    — Craig Asher Nyman (@CraigAsher) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @CraigAsher

    said y

    This looks like it could be the best tasting thing ever.

    — DLaVa (@DLaVa44) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @DLaVa44

    Personally, I need it.

    European mind cannot comprehend

    — witty name here (@Emilycgb) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @Emilycgb

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