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    These Pictures Of Prince Louis Screaming His Lungs Out Are Going Viral Because They Are The Highlight Of This Queen Jubilee Thing

    That would be me.

    Way back in 2011, William and Kate got married.

    Prince William in an ornate uniform kisses Kate Middleton in a wedding dress, while two young girls hold flowers on either side of them

    That was all fine and *pip pip hooray* or whatever.

    William and Kate continue kissing, but now one of the little girls looks angry and is covering her ears

    But one person made that wedding *actually* interesting, and that person was Grace Van Cutsem.

    Yes, her.

    A close-up of the very angry little girl still holding her hands over her ears

    This little legend captured the heart and soul of a nation.

    Now, 11 years later, the royals are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

    Queen Elizabeth smiling in the same spot where the previous pictures of William and Kate were taken

    Some people are very excited about it!

    Two citizens with the UK flag painted on their faces, and one is draped in an actual UK flag

    Others are giving more of, um, Grace energy.

    The person taking that role this time around is Prince Louis.

    An arrow points to Prince Louis, who looks bored and annoyed standing next to Queen Elizabeth

    He kind of lost it on that balcony.

    Louis is covering his ears in the same way the other little girl did, but he's also screaming

    Very much so, actually.

    Louis looking even more upset and yelling while the Queen shows no reaction

    And I love how the Queen couldn't give two shits.

    A close-up of the queen, who is staring straight forward and paying no attention to Louis at her side

    It started pretty innocently, with silly faces.

    Louis has his fingers in his mouth drawing his lips down to give himself an exaggerated frowning face

    But things went south real fast when some planes did a flyover.

    Louis staring into the sky, looking very concerned with his hands on his cheeks

    Planes are loud.

    A wide shot of the king and queen, William and Kate, and their other two kids all looking normal, while Louis is screaming with his hands over his ears

    And Prince Louis wasn't having it.

    As someone who absolutely hates the sound of motorcycles, planes, and loud machinery, I find these pictures extremely relatable.

    I feel that.

    Louis leans his head back in exasperation

    So yeah, it wouldn't be an interesting royal family thing unless some kid looked bored or lost it or whatever.

    Louis continues screaming, while Kate looks at him and laughs

    So thanks for making this whole thing I don't know anything about *the least bit* interesting.

    Now, excuse me while this blows up into a major meme.