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    The 35 Best Pictures Of Prince Louis At The Platinum Jubilee, Because He Was Absolutely The Best Part Of That Whole Thing

    Because adding a 4-year-old to any situation guarantees chaos.

    Over the weekend, Prince Louis became somewhat of a meme when his facial expressions/"outbursts" at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee went viral.

    The royal family smiling while Louis holds his hands over his ears and screams

    Apparently, this bugged some people.

    Louis sticking his tongue out at his mother, who looks annoyed

    To them, I say, "simmer down now." He's 4!

    A closeup of Louis covering his ears and screaming

    So, because he was literally the only thing that made this whole jubi-what enjoyable, here are the best pictures of him on that balcony.

    1. The "whatever, grandma"

    The queen smiles while Louis looks totally disinterested in what's going on

    2. The "you looking at me, bud?!"

    Louis scowling and snarling at somebody in the crowd

    3. The "problem child."

    The other royal children look at Louis, who is frowning and looking dejected

    4. The "what is the meaning of life?"

    Louis staring straight ahead with a vacant expression

    5. The "raise the roof."

    Louis smiling and raising his heads with his palms up

    6. The "three-finger wave."

    Louis holding up three fingers at the camera in an "A-OK" gesture

    7. The "I'm fighting back this time."

    Another photo of Louis stick out his tongue at his mother

    8. The "yippee."

    Louis raising his fists with fake enthusiasm, while his face looks bored

    9. The "finally something cool happened."

    Louis with his mouth agape and his eyes wide with excitement while a woman next to him smiles at him

    10. The "I can't take this anymore."

    Louis with his head in his hands and looking frustrated

    11. The "two seconds away from meltdown."

    Louis still has his head in his hands, but now looks even more tense

    12. The "I can't see you."

    Louis's mother trying to talk to him, but he has his head in his hands again

    13. The "I can't hear you."

    Louis with his hands over his ears while frowning

    14. The "cocking a snook*"

    15. The "eating my clothes is better than this."

    Louis putting something in his mouth while his mother tries to get him to stop

    16. The "planes are loud."

    Another shot of Louis covering his ears and yelling

    17. The "planes are VERY loud."

    Another shot of Louis covering his ears and yelling, this time with his head cocked back to indicate he's yelling even louder

    18. The "I'm not so sure about that, luv."

    Louis grimacing at someone in the crowd

    19. The "existential crisis."

    HIs mother smiling happily while Louis cocks his head back and puts his hands over his eyes in dejection

    20. The "no one can feel my pain."

    His mother laughing while Louis continues yelling

    21. The "we're never leaving."

    Louis leaning on a railing with his hand under his cheek and looking frustrated

    22. The "reluctant wave."

    His mother waves and smiles, while Louis halfheartedly waves and looks annoyed

    23. The "I'm losing it."

    Louis making a silly face with his tongue out and eyes wide, while his mother smiles

    24. The "screaming internally."

    Louis stares straight forward with no facial expression, but his eyes look angry

    25. The "I'm about to act up."

    Louis starting to make another silly face, this time with his hands on either side of his mouth

    26. The "you said five more minutes."

    27. The "I'm just gonna scream."

    Louis with his mouth wide open and hands on either side of his mouth

    28. The "wait, I actually want to hear this one."

    Louis looking interested in something with his hand over his mother's mouth so she can't talk

    29. The "I just got yelled at."

    Louis slinking down in his seat and looking petulant

    30. The "OK I like this song."

    Louis smiling and dancing in his chair

    31. The "that's a bop."

    Louis looking like he's talking or singing while pointing at something with one hand and scratching the inside of his ear with the other hand

    32. The "I'm delirious."

    Louis yawning and falling back in his chair

    33. The "thank God it's over."

    Louis smiling widely and flailing his arms

    34. The "I survived."

    35. And last but not least, the "he's still for a second. Let's celebrate that."