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34 Pictures You Need To See Before A Zombie Eats You Alive

If you haven't already heard, the world is ending and zombies are about to take over the world. Check out this list if you're still alive.

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1. An alpaca wearing a scarf:

2. This 2-liter child:

3. A puppy with a eyepatch that is actually a heart:

4. Jesus on a computer:

5. This photoshop-obsessed duck:

6. This horrifying drawing of Jennifer Aniston:

7. A bird playing Connect Four:

8. This dog wearing sunglasses hanging out of a car window:

9. A boy having a conversation with a mini horse:

10. A horse in a wig:

11. A pug in a Chris Kirkpatrick wig:

12. A pug with a monocle:

13. A pug on a bulldog:

14. And a pug on a trampoline:


16. An owl that looks like Michael Cera:

17. These stylish pigs:

18. A baby duck in a dog bowl:

19. A basset hound driving a convertible:

20. A lady that married a cat:

21. This sad little girl who caught a mustache:

22. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

23. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

24. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

25. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

26. This woman trying to eat a really old laptop:

27. And this dog using a laptop properly:

28. A cat wearing a necklace made out of balloons:

29. This bunny getting a blowout:

30. This dog with a bunch of pancakes on his head:

31. A drunk flamingo:

32. Snoop Dogg with two dolphins:

33. Snoop Dogg with a sea lion:

34. And a horse that just committed a crime:

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