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    26 Pictures That Will Warm Your Cold Dead Quarantined Heart For At Least Two Minutes

    Quaran-timing through windows is becoming the hot new thing.


    Three generations of social distancing as my dad meets his grandson for the first time 😭😭😭


    when social distancing is in place, a hand held through a window and an open door chat with my nan... ✨💕


    My Grandson having a flute lesson through the window! Bless him!


    My aunt, uncle and cousins went to my grandmother's living facility and held a St. Patrick's Day parade for them💚😭 she's clapping for them through the window, I am unwell.


    Since we can’t go inside the retirement home to visit our grandma, we made a sign and visited her window :)


    Heartwarming or heartbreaking? Grandpa plays a game of tic-tac-toe with his grandson. #SocialDistance #CoronaVirus



    “Hi Grandpa. We miss you. We wish we could come visit you. We love you.” I spoke with the granddaughter of the 97 y/o WWII Veteran you see here. Richard has #COVID19, he’s at the Oregon Veterans’ Home in Lebanon where a fellow veteran with #coronavirus died today. Story @ 10


    Play date today with my Grandson thru the window


    I went to see my Grandma today, who is about to be 90 years old. My plan was just to wave from the street but she ran up to my car as I drove past. I made sure she stood a few feet away from my car at all times but she still insisted on throwing groceries through my window. 😍♥️


    Grandpa Zenefski got to meet Maeve (through the window) today. His reaction was pretty priceless. Also, I think we finally convinced him to stay home. So, that’s a win! Cc: @janashortal & @bengarvin for more good things!


    Stopped by my sister’s house whilst out walking today - had a lovely conversation through the window with her & my nieces, and held our hands on it for a few seconds when saying goodbye 💛 Sounds really cheesy, but I didn’t realise how much I would miss hugging people 😕

    13. "My grandma's nursing home stopped visitors due to the Coronavirus and so this is my cousin talking to her through the glass on the phone."


    @johnkrasinski My Dad is in a nursing home and we haven’t been able to see him since March 11. Today they brought him to the lobby and we were able to see him through the window. My parents have been married almost 62 years ❤️😢


    so I went round to drop off my granny’s shopping through her window, she’s always up for a chat so had set up a chair outside her window for me when I arrived 🥺🥺🥺🥺 quarantine is hard just want a hug


    This picture says a lot. This is Jackson's teacher of special needs classes,she stopped by our home to bring Jackson’s homework. He could only see her through the window. Jackson is non verbal but he did not need to speak to express how much he misses his teacher.#teachers


    Modest victory in the sport of social isolation: I got my elderly dad to talk to his caretaker, Mary, through the door window. Oh, how he itched to open that door. For a second, I didn’t know what way it would go.


    My kids put on a show for their great grandparents. They watched through their window. #TeamKentucky #kentuckytogether #kentuckystrong


    Got out the shower to hear the kids screaming and dog going bananas. Worst nightmare. Ran downstairs to hear, ‘GRANDAD’S HAIR!!!’ My dad has dyed his hair purple to amuse himself during #COVID2019 #lockdownuk and used his one exercise to show us through the window. Love him ☺️


    Well today I couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with my lovely nan, so instead we left her a parcel and spoke through the window ♥️🌼


    On @instagram - this heartwarming moment of a granddaughter telling her grandfather through the window of a nursing home that she’s engaged. Visitation at the facility is restricted at the moment due to #coronavirus


    Such a kind gesture! Loes Cofell's children were unable to visit their Opa at the hospital last week, so they decided they could still send him a message by making posters that he could see from his 7th floor window. (I'm sure staff members saw it, too!) ❤️ #ldnont #swont


    This is the new normal in the face of #COVID19 My brother meets my daughter's newborn through the front porch window. Better safe. Be smart ⁦@CDCgov⁩ #coronavirus


    Overjoyed to announce the arrival of Branson Von, on 3/20/20. In the midst of trying times where extreme caution is necessary, we're so thankful to @NorthsideHosp for allowing us to get creative so my mom could meet her 1st grandson. #COVID19 #QuaratineLife #newborn #coronavirus


    Today was my great grandmas 101st! Although she is on lockdown we still had to celebrate thru the window! If you’re not taking stopping the spread of this virus seriously I ask you please do so... I’d very much like to hug her again soon, I’m not alone here either.


    Due to coronavirus precaution, Bob Shellard isn't allowed to visit his wife in her Connecticut nursing home. So he stood outside her window and held up a sign that said "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary."