People Pooping In Fitting Rooms Is A Thing That Shouldn’t Be A Thing

    It happens and this phenomenon is real.

    Hello friends, there is a natural phenomenon that people working in retail know all too well. That phenomenon: people taking poops in fitting rooms.

    Still haven't gotten over the fact that someone took a dump in the fitting room today

    The poop vandal has been terrorizing dressing rooms for years.


    The following is a compilation of first-hand accounts from both poopers and people who've experienced them.

    Someone took a shit in the fitting room and hid it under a stool. @target_probs @bullseyebuzzkll

    It happens all the time.

    Sooo someone took a crap in the fitting room today. Feeling the love

    It's really a thing and it's time for this phenomenon to be explored.

    Someone literally just took a shit on the floor of the fitting room at my work. Like they literally popped a squat & shit. Who does that.

    No store is safe from a "fitting room poop vandal." It happens everywhere.

    It happens at Victoria's Secret.

    To everyone who thinks a job at Victoria's Secret is glamorous... Today I found and cleaned up poop in the fitting room #vsemployeeproblems

    It happens at Target.

    Someone just shit in the target dressing room #peoplethesedays

    It happens at the Bon Ton.

    some one pooped in a fitting room #onlyatthebonton

    It happens at Peter Harris.

    If you come into Peter Harris and notice there's a chair missing in the dressing room don't worry it's just bc someone pooped on it

    It happens at Kohls.

    Well someone just took a shit on the floor at kohls

    It happens at J. Crew.

    I used to work at J.Crew until I quit because someone took a dump in a fitting room.I wasn't about to clean up somebody's JPoo! #whodoesthat

    It happens at Hollister.

    Guys someone pooped in a dressing room at hollister today k bye

    But most frequently, it appears to happen at Forever 21.

    feel so blessed not to be working at Forever 21 considering someone just shit in their fitting rooms

    Some lady took a shit in the fitting room... #F21Problems

    Did someone really just shit in the forever 21 dressing room.....

    Someone just pooped in forever 21. Not even lying. There is shit on the floor. Like WHAAAT

    What are the problems with pooping in fitting rooms? The obstacles and consequences vary.

    From stepping in it...

    Can't believe a customer pooped in the fitting room and I stepped on it. -.-

    ... to emotional distress...

    Someone pooped in the fitting room :( it was soooo bad that jen cried :(

    ... to dread. Absolute dread.

    Not even at work yet and I already dread it. Just got a text from a coworker that someone fucking pooped in the fitting room. #torrington

    It also just sucks.

    Someone took a poop in our fitting room at work. And who cleaned it up??? This guy #clutch

    It really really sucks.

    someone or something shat in the fitting room today and i got to see it. so gross.

    Good thing is, karma will most likely get you because YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO SHIT IN A DRESSING ROOM.


    Another * positive * thing we do know is: If you sit in someone's shit at Victoria's Secret you may get a $100 gift card.

    Victoria secret gave me $100 gift card for sitting in someone's poop in there dressing room .. Kinda worth sitting in shit ... Lmao

    So, why does this happen? Why do people shit in fitting rooms?

    Well we don't really know. What we can do is try to understand the poopers. What are they thinking? Why would they do it? How? What. The. Fuck?!

    It could just be that they really have to poop.

    That #AwkwardMoment when you are undressed in the fitting room and you realize you have to poop sooo bad!! Lol

    It could be lack of store bathrooms.

    I was just informed that last weekend, someone took a shit in the fitting room since we don't have bathrooms in our store. #what

    Or, what is really seems like, is that people really just like taking craps in fitting rooms.

    Life is too precious to pass up the opportunity to take a dump in an Abercrombie dressing room.

    You haven't lived until you've taken a dump in a men's fitting room. Victory is mine!

    For deeper reading, here's a more detailed account from the Experience Project of someone who pooped in a fitting room. It provides a unique perspective:

    Ok. So i was at hot topic trying to find some really skinny jeans to fit me. And while I was putting some on that were way too small for me, I had this horrific pressure on my butt. I had to go soo bad! I hadn't gone in two days cause I was saving up for the weekend ;) So I tried to hold it in as best as I could and take off those pants so I could leave and go to the restroom. nope. that didn't happen. they were not coming off. I was squirming every-which-a-way trying to get em off. But no. So eventually I gave up and was like screw it. I turned, looked at my butt in the mirror and just let loose. It was SOO loud! It was the loudest thing ever! My pants were all crackling and popping and the poop was tenting out my jeans. It was huge!

    So yeah, there's that.

    In conclusion, this mystery will never be solved. Until then, DON'T SHIT IN FITTING ROOMS.

    Dear customer who pooped in a fitting room, used a pant hanger as toilet paper, wiped your hands on the wall, left, and came back: ?????????

    And for those curious, here is an example of what a shit in a dressing room looks like. THIS IS A GRAPHIC IMAGE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. REALLY WARNED.