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24 People Doing The Whole Jesus Thing Wrong

Everything's ungodly!!!!

1. This girl yelling at a bowling ball.

2. The iconic trio, The Faith Tones.

3. The person who decided to draw Kenny Loggins instead of Jesus.

4. This angry drinking fountain.

5. This problematic gospel group.

6. The creator of this painting.

7. The person driving this terrifying car.

8. This preacher named Gaylard Williams (lol) who was arrested for soliciting oral sex.

9. The infamous C.S. Lovett.

10. C.S. Lovett, again.

11. Uncle Les, Nancy Wheeler, and their doll named Randy.

12. Whoever runs Joel Osteen's Twitter.

13. This guy who made a typo lol.

14. Teens who can't get their lockers open.

15. Human puppet, Kathleen.

16. Satan fighter, Judy.

17. All of this.

18. Hickory Flat Fellowship Church.

19. The maker of this (pretty dope) Jesus chair.

20. The creator of this quiz.

21. Whoever said, "You know what's a good idea? Let's use the word whack."

22. This guy named Grant.

23. Larry Tomczak's rod.

24. And a potato.