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    Paris Hilton's Ex-Boyfriend Covered Up His Paris Hilton Tattoo With A Giant Gorilla

    Well, that's certainly something.

    Paris Hilton was engaged to Chris Zylka for 10 months last year.

    During that 10 months, they were constantly making out.

    Tongues deeply down inside each other.

    Frenching like there's no tomorrow.

    They were basically like that overly hormonal gross couple in 7th grade that publicly made out in the hallway between classes just because they could.

    Anyway, during their time together, Chris got a tattoo for Paris.

    This was his Paris tattoo:

    And now, 9 months after the breakup, Chris finally got the tattoo covered up.

    He got it covered up with a gorilla:

    From Paris... Gorilla:

    Kiss kiss!