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25 Pictures Of Olympians That Basically Just Completely Freak Me Out

It doesn't get more superhuman than this.

1. This picture of German cyclist Robert Forstemann and New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson showing just how big cyclists' quads are:

You thought Greipel has a big set of legs. There was a quad off in the German camp today. Greipel lost.

Twitter: @greghenderson1

2. This picture of USA swimmer Anthony Ervin shaving every part of his body (besides his head?!):

3. US swimmer Nathan Adrian shaving every part of his face (RIP eyebrows):

4. These Dutch gymnasts connecting vertically foot to foot:

5. Usain Bolt smiling for the camera during the 100-meter dash:

he's smilling while running

Like, to understand how fast he's going? Very!

he's smiling

6. Swimmer Nathan Adrian having his triceps cupped:

7. Gymnast Aly Raisman having her knees cupped:

8. This 10,000-calorie meal for a swimmer:

#Streamlining in preparation for my 10,000 calories. Let’s see your best pose. @swimtoday #funnestsport

Twitter: @RyanLochte

9. France's Yohann Diniz literally pooping his pants while speedwalking:

hes got di di going down his leg

10. Just, like, this size difference between Simone Biles and a US volleyball player:

size difference in olympians doesn't matter, depending on what sport you do 😉 6'8" & 4'8"

Twitter: @Simone_Biles

11. Gymnast Ellie Black's hands:

12. Another picture of the size difference between basketball players and gymnasts:

13. These British divers showing just how high the 10-meter diving platform is:

14. Usain Bolt somehow standing like this in a room:

15. Usain Bolt's back literally covered in turf from the track from running:

16. Dutch swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren making air bubble ring art:

17. This picture showing how huge US fencer Miles Chamley-Watson's hand is:

18. British sprinter Harry Aikines's extremely veiny legs:

19. Harry Aikines moving his huge pecs to Rihanna's song "Work":

20. Samir Ait from France breaking his leg while competing on vault:

21. All the faces the Olympic divers make:

22. It's no joke!

23. Just, like, Michael Phelps's crazy arm flexibility:

24. This synchronized swimmer being launched into the air:

25. And lastly, this synchronized swimmer in a full warrior pose coming for blood:

she's bent in half