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20 Pictures Of Olympians That Will Truly Amaze You

How are these people even real?

1. This picture of German cyclist Robert Forstemann and New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson having a quad-off:

2. This picture of USA swimmer Anthony Ervin shaving before a meet:

3. This picture of USA swimmer Nathan Adrian shaving his ENTIRE face before a meet:

4. This picture showing how much tape Simone Biles needs vs. how much tape Aly Raisman needs:

5. This picture of British synchronized swimmer Olivia Federici stretching:

6. This picture of American swimmer Nathan Adrian cupping his triceps:

7. This picture of Aly Raisman cupping her knees, because apparently knee cupping is a thing:

8. This picture of Ryan Lochte eating a meal:

9. This picture of David Lee, who plays volleyball, and Simone Biles, who needs no introduction:

size difference in olympians doesn't matter, depending on what sport you do 😉 6'8" & 4'8"


10. This picture of basketball players Jimmy Butler and DeAndre Jordan with gymnasts Ragan Smith and Ashton Locklear:

11. This picture of British diver Dan Goodfellow from a 10-meter diving platform:

12. This picture of Usain Bolt doing whatever this is:

13. This picture of Usain Bolt covered in literal track after a day of practice:

14. This picture of a little girl holding up two flipping Brazilian gymnasts:

15. This picture of Dutch swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren doing ring art:

16. This picture of USA weightlifter Sarah Robles showing off her incredible fork-holding skills:

17. The picture showing the size of US fencer Miles Chamley-Watson's hand:

18. This picture of British sprinter Harry Aikines' legs:

19. This video of Harry Aikines moving his pecs to the beat of Rihanna's song "Work":

20. And this picture of Taiwaneese gymnast Lee Chih-kai riding a bike:

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