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20 Pictures Of Olympians That Will Truly Amaze You

How are these people even real?

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5. This picture of British synchronized swimmer Olivia Federici stretching:

Instagram: @olivia_federici


9. This picture of David Lee, who plays volleyball, and Simone Biles, who needs no introduction:

size difference in olympians doesn't matter, depending on what sport you do 😉 6'8" & 4'8"


10. This picture of basketball players Jimmy Butler and DeAndre Jordan with gymnasts Ragan Smith and Ashton Locklear:

Instagram: @usabasketball

15. This picture of Dutch swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren doing ring art:

Instagram: @scverschuren


16. This picture of USA weightlifter Sarah Robles showing off her incredible fork-holding skills:

Instagram: @roblympian


19. This video of Harry Aikines moving his pecs to the beat of Rihanna's song "Work":

Instagram: @aikines

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