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Timeline: Occupy Wall Street Evicted From Zuccotti Park

Last night, in a sneak attack at around 1 a.m., Wall Street protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park in New York City. Here's a detailed recap of the events that happened. It wasn't pretty.

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1:20 a.m. Police in riot geer surround the park. Brooklyn bridge is closed. Subway stops are closed.


1:45 a.m. Police announce they are going to evict everyone from the park.


Around 2 a.m.The eviction begins.


2:07 a.m. Pepper spray deployed -- reports of at least one reporter sprayed.


2:10 a.m. Press barred from entering Zuccotti Park.

2:29 a.m. Press helicopters evicted from airspace. NYTimes reporter arrested.

2:44 a.m. NYPD destroys OWS Library. 5,000 donated books in dumpster.

3:05 a.m. NYPD cutting down trees in Liberty Square.

3:13 a.m. NYPD deploying sound cannon

3:33 a.m. The park is cleaned.

6:05 a.m. Zuccotti Park has been cleared.

8 a.m. The park is still barricaded from the public.


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