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    Nicole Richie's Kids Discovered An Old NSFW Instagram Post That 12-Year-Old Me Would Not Want To Find

    Just wait until they find the "Simple Life."

    Nicole Richie has one of the most iconic early 2000s pasts.

    David Klein / Getty Images

    The Simple Life was a legitimate cultural shift.


    In the mid-2000s, Nicole married Joel Madden.

    Brian Snyder / Reuters

    They've been together for 14 years and married for over nine. Which, honestly, is way longer than I thought!

    Fred Prouser / Reuters

    They have two tween kids, 12-year-old Harlow Madden and 10-year-old Sparrow Madden.

    And now those kids are digging up shit.


    One of Nicole's kids was scrolling deep into her Instagram and found a questionable post from 2016.


    The post shows Nicole in her full 2016 cat filter glory, licking the camera while wearing a penis headband. It says: "This puss puss loves a D!"

    "This Puss puss loves a D!" (lolol)

    "This Puss puss loves a D!"
    Nicole Richie/Instagram: @nicolerichie

    One of Nicole's kids found the Instagram and texted her.

    "Help! I'm the mom of pre-teens and my past posts have come back to haunt me!"
    Nicole Richie/

    They said one word:

    Joel commented:

    Embarrassed emoji face

    Now let's wait for them to watch The Simple Life.


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