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    The 21 Most Terrifying Things One Direction Fans Have Done

    Love them and also be afraid of them.

    1. The Poster Fan:

    2. The Bible of Zayn Fan:

    3. The Literally Tortured His Sister Fan:

    4. The Air Selling Fan:

    5. The Happily Married Fan:

    6. The Shrine to Barf Fan:

    7. The Pad Fan:

    8. The Brotherly Love Fans:

    9. The Zombie Fans:

    10. The Yiiiiiiiiiikes Fan:

    11. The Might Have Birthed Niall Fan:

    12. The Vigil Fans:

    13. The Ass Eating Psychic Fan:

    14. The Rippin' and Tearin' Fan:

    15. The Water Bottle Shrine Fan:

    16. The ??? Fan:

    17. The Blood Type Fan:

    18. The Framed Tweet Fan:

    19. The Fan Who Literally Made Them the World:

    20. The Political Fan:

    21. And the 3 Holes, 2 Hands Fan: