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28 Photos That Sum Up The Difference Between Twitter In 2006 Vs. Twitter In 2017

11 years is a long ass time.

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2017: This person's dad in the frozen food aisle.


2017: A beetle and some spaghetti.

2017: This kid had a maternity shoot with his pregnant dog.

My dog is pregnant so we took maternity pictures 😂😂😂


2017: A drink called the "frappajappajooza."

i get most of my entertainment by putting different colored gatorade in starbucks cups and telling people it's a fr…

2017: Pet rabbits.

Please. My rabbit. He's very sick.


2017: This person with a huge Paul Walker tattoo.

We all deal with grief in different ways

2017: How was this picture even taken?

Felt cute in this pic might delete soon tho


2017: Speculation that Outback Steakhouse is a satanic cult.

2017: A picture of an old man spoon-feeding his wife in a car.

Today I saw an elderly man sitting outside of his car spoon feeding his wife ice cream 😭😭


2017: This mom's bag kinda looks like a dog.

my mother was giggling at this and told me to "take a look at that adorable dachshund, he's sleeping", she was look…

2017: This poor girl.

when I was 16 my parents commissioned my grandad to paint a portrait of me to raise my self esteem. It did not.


2017: This car got stuck on a rock.

If the person who drove their car onto a rock leaving #edc this morning wants their car they can come talk to NHP T…

2017: This is a ghost and/or demon with a Snapchat filter on it's head.