This Is What Hollywood Used To Look Like

Turn-of-the-century Hollywood vs. 2013 Hollywood. Things are just a little different now.

At the turn of the century, Hollywood was mostly orange groves and strawberry fields.

All of the following pictures are from Hollywood. For real. Not kidding.

3. Now: The scenery

4. Then: A group of nice young ladies on Hollywood Blvd.

5. Now: Some douche with an “IMDB ME” license plate on Hollywood Blvd.

6. Then: West Hollywood

7. Now: West Hollywood

8. Then: Two dudes pointing out over some of the Hollywood land

9. Now: Two dudes who look basically nothing like Edward and Jacob basically begging for tips on the Walk Of Fame

10. Then: Orange groves

11. Now: This guy

12. Then: People farming with some horses

13. Now: A guy in a trashcan

14. Then: Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue

15. Now: A trashcan bonfire

16. Then: Wilcox Ave. from south of Hollywood Blvd.

17. Now: A dancing rat with pink highlights

18. Then: An orange grove near Western and Hollywood Boulevard

19. Now: Traffic that makes you want to die

20. Then: A pineapple planation

21. Now: Condomnation

23. Now: Some dude dressed as Scoobie, a dog, and a shopping cart

24. Then: Some woman selling melons near Sunset

25. Now: Someone selling LSD

26. Then: Some dude on a horse near Franklin Avenue

27. Now: Jesus

28. Then: A streetcar and a strawberry patch on Hollywood Blvd.

29. Now: Someone looking for a wife

30. Then: Two guys going for a ride on Hollywood Blvd.

31. Now: Chewbacca with a skateboard and a friend on Hollywood Blvd.

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