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Millie Bobby Brown Is Going Viral For Absolutely Losing It While Eating A Hot Wing, Like People Thought She Wasn't Gonna Make It

"I'm only small."

Millie Bobby Brown is in the middle of her Stranger Things Season 4 press tour.

She's been on late night TV.

She did that song association game.

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And she obvi did the puppy interview.

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But it wouldn't be a press cycle without an appearance on Hot Ones.

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And now a two-minute clip of MBB losing it over a chicken wing has gone viral.

Twitter: @wildstides / Via Complex/

Upon eating the hot wing, MBB immediately realizes she made a mistake.

She flips off the host.

Millie turning away to cough while holding up her middle finger at the host

Just ask me a question, she pleads!

"Why did you do this to me? I'm only 18," she says.

"I'm only small!"

Mille drinking a milkshake, hoping it will cool down her mouth

From "I just need an ice cube in my mouth."

To "My hair is falling out."

People are loving and living for MBB's reaction.

This is one of the best reactions I’ve ever seen

Twitter: @bosom_perhaps / Via Complex/

The "I'm only small" being a favorite quote.

It’s the “Im only small” for me 🤣😭

Twitter: @OMELLY17 / Via Complex/

But mostly people are just like "holy shit, they coulda killed the girl."

they tried to kill d poor gurl wtf

Twitter: @daamiedwards / Via Complex/

She's British!

Putting British people on this show is crazy like they could actually die

Twitter: @copstomper / Via Complex/

So yeah, you can watch the full ep of chicken wing torture p*rn here:

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