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Meet The English Bulldog With The Most Amazing Face On Instagram

Ugh, I can't. I simply cannot with you, Winston!

Winston has been on Instagram basically since the day he was born...

He has hated everything ever since.

He hates how people act these days.

He hates what has happened to the neighborhood.

He hates when he doesn't have a seat on the couch for a 49ers game.

He hates the sun.

He hates waiting for the bus.

He hates the people on the bus.

He hated last year's Halloween costume.

He hates when you look at him funny.

He hates when you talk while he's watching TV.

He hates when the leaves fall off the trees because he know someone will have to pick them up.

He hates when people chew and you can hear it.

He hates when you judge him for being hungry all of the time.

He hates that awkward time of day when the sun shines through the windows right into his eyes while he's watching TV on the couch.

He hates when nothing is on TV.

He hates that you only got him one rose.

He hates Tuesdays.

He also hates Wednesdays.

He hates when you look down on him.

He hates when you tell him to smile.

He hates when you tell him he's "quiet."

He hates when you tell him he's wrong.

He hates humidity.

He hates when you wake him up from his cuddle time.

He hates waiting.

He hates giving high fives.

He hates being fooled by stuffed animals that look like him.

BUT, the one thing he does love is you <3 AWWWW

Now go follow him on Instagram!