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    Matthew McConaughey Shared A Picture Of Himself Eating Pickles Naked In Front Of A Refrigerator

    "To be that soy sauce."

    Matthew McConaughey is many things.

    Matthew sitting onstage while holding a soccer ball

    He's an Academy Award winner.

    Matthew holding his Oscar

    He's 2005's "Sexiest Man Alive."

    And he's a "Pickle Expert."

    Twitter: @mcconaughey

    Really, it says it right there in his IG bio:

    To celebrate National Pickle Day 2022, Matthew did as a pickle expert does: He posted a picture of himself naked in front of the fridge with a jar of pickles.

    And here's that picture:

    And while the picture is definitely *picklelicious,* my favorite part is the comments.

    Some people were looking at the condiments.

    One comment says "It's really nice seeing that a famous dude uses the same mustard and steak sauce that I do"

    Others were looking at something else.

    "Gd I wanna try ur pickle!"

    From condiment jealousy...

    One person said "To be that soy sauce" complaints on the cropping.

    This person said "Who cropped this picture? I'm upset [laughing, crying emoji)

    People were generally just like, uh, what?

    Why does this photo exist?

    This woman, who was reminded of her sons.

    As the mom of two boys, this picture makes me smile. I remember my kids doing this like yesterday! It was fun raising boys

    This person loved how average the fridge was.

    And this person wanted to see the pickle that's out of the jar, if ya know what I mean...

    Meanwhile, Stephen Baldwin just shared a Bible verse.

    John 3:36

    Ultimately, everyone just wanted more pickles.

    harveys said "this pic could use more pickles"

    Until next year!

    This person commented "Excuse me while I go for the soy sauce"

    Happy National Pickle Day!

    alright alright alright