Lupita Nyong'o Wore A Silver Breastplate To The Tony's, And People Definitely Feel A Certain Way About It

    She always does keep it interesting.

    The Tony Awards were last night!

    And before we talk about Lupita's viral look, congratulations are in order for Alex Newell for becoming the first nonbinary actor to win a Tony! That means you should also stream "Kill The Lights."

    Now back to Lupita, she had one of the most memorable look of the night.

    She wore a silver breastplate molded from her own body.

    The outfit quickly went viral.

    And she shared the meaning behind the look on Instagram.

    "Honored, humbled, strengthened and energized to don this breastplate created by @mishajapanwala, which she cast and molded of my body," she said.

    "Misha Japanwala is a Pakistani artist and fashion designer, whose work is rooted in the rejection and deconstruction of external shame attached to one’s body. In her artistic process, she creates a realistic and true record of a person’s body as an act of resistance and celebration, and an insistence on being allowed to exist freely in our bodies," she continued in the caption.

    The look was certainly stunning, but what happens at every award show nowadays? Everyone suddenly becomes a red-carpet fashion critic!

    The comment section on the post is kind of all over the place.

    There are definitely some people who didn't read the caption.

    And there are some people who simply didn't get it at all.

    But the people who knew KNEW.

    Janelle Monáe is one of them.

    Ultimately, these red carpet things should be fun and Lupita consistently keeps it exciting, so thank you for that!