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    A Video Clip Of The World's First Transparent Pool Stuck Between Two Towers Has Gone Viral For Obvious Reasons

    I would but also completely wouldn't.

    There's a terrifying (but also kind of cool) pool in London that is apparently the first of its kind.

    The BBC says the London Sky Pool is the "world's first transparent pool built between two skyscrapers."

    The video they posted of it is giving me feelings of impending doom:

    Swimmers enjoy warm weather in London at the Sky Pool which is believed to be the world’s first transparent pool built between two skyscrapers

    Twitter: @BBCNews

    As you can see, someone thought it was a good idea to put a glass pool between two buildings.

    Part of me is like, nope.

    But another part of me would totally swim here.

    It seems cool, but I still don't step on subway grates for fear of them breaking and me falling to my death.

    A person swimming in between the two towers

    And this picture low-key makes me want to puke.

    As usual, people are completely divided about whether they'd swim in the pool.

    This feels like a Final Destination set piece waiting to happen. It looks awesome though.

    Twitter: @DominicRyan1

    Most people are like "no thanks."

    I've taken a lot of calculated risks in my life but I would not swim in this pool. No thanks

    Twitter: @Douglas_Main

    But some are like "yes, please."

    ...I want to go to there though

    Twitter: @DrSarathena192

    Overall, I think this tweet sums up the Sky Pool:

    Part of me thinks this is cool. Part of me thinks this is stupid.

    Twitter: @MylesDaley

    So yeah, if you've ever fantasized about swimming in a glass tank jammed between two buildings, then this pool is for you.

    Now tell me, would you swim here?