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    28 Pictures Of LGBTQ People As Kids That Scream "Mom, How Did You Not Know?"

    Everyone's favorite BuzzFeed post is back again.

    A few weeks ago, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us pictures that scream "I've always been gay" and the response was huge. So, I've decided to compile a Part 2 along with some of my favorites from previous submissions. Enjoy!

    1. "I was very excited to sit on Smurfette's lap." β€”Jamie

    2. "I couldn't let my girls miss the air show!" β€”Aaron

    3. "I came across this picture a couple years ago and couldn't quite believe it. I'll let it speak for itself. #babybutch": β€”Maddie

    4. "Always staying fresh." β€”Kyry5

    5. "My mom always says she knew I was gay as soon as I popped out of the womb." β€”Heather

    6. "My best friend found this photo from when we were in high school." β€”meanreed08

    7. "Pulling focus since 1991." β€”Kyle

    8. "This was my first day of sixth grade. I owned this pair of shorts in almost every color and wore them almost exclusively." β€”Miller

    9. "When I came out to my dad, he said: 'I have known since you were 5, come over and have some pizza.'" β€”Kelsey

    10. "You can imagine how 'shocked' my parents were." β€”Mary

    11. "You get one guess for which kid here is an out, gay adult today. Just one guess!" β€”B. Brown

    12. "My identical twin brother and I decided to be Batman and Robin for Halloween. Guess I thought Robin needed to stand out a little more!" β€”calvinmckee

    13. "I LIVED in these Looney Tunes overalls and my jean bucket hat. It took me over a decade (after this photo was taken) to figure out that I was a lesbian, but looking back now, the signs were there." β€”Katie

    14. "Even at age 3, I couldn’t sit in a chair like a normal person." β€”Alice

    15. "My aunt got my mom whatever this thing is for Christmas and I took it as a photo opportunity." β€”Zach

    16. "Striking a pose since the '90s!" β€”Blake

    17. "I didn't know I was gay yet, but my mom's shirt sure did." β€”Jay Jay

    18. "Me in the school play when I was about 10. I insisted that they let me play a Lord and not a Lady in a stupid horrible dress!" β€”PengiSpoon81

    19. "I still sit like this." β€”Andrew

    20. "Serving face, stunting pretty. I'm the bitch from the happiest place in the world." β€”cagedbird

    21. "Seven-year-old me circa 2011 dressed up as Michael Jackson for a (poorly aged) school pageant. And my mom had the audacity to be surprised when I came out five years later." β€”22DoctorWho

    22. "Not really sure how my family could even be surprised when I came out seven years ago. #masc4masc" β€”Christian

    23. "Literally no reason for my parents to be surprised when I came out. This is my sister's contact photo of me in her phone." β€”Lori

    24. "Me with my Smurfette pajamas holding my Love Boat figurines... niche '80s gay child!" β€”Derek

    25. "Like, honestly, how were they surprised?" β€”Cristina

    26. "Dancing > football." β€”eds22

    27. "Extremely iconic of my parents to be 'surprised' when I said I liked girls 20 years later." β€”Maxine

    28. "When you are so gay that you go past gay and turn into a mom." β€”theoneandonlyrjlarese

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