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Show Us A Picture You Have As A Kid That Screams "Gay"

Because everyone has pictures like this.

Are you a a big ole' gay, bi, trans, etc.?

Excellent. Great. Love to hear it. Now I need your help for a BuzzFeed post.

I'm sure you have great pictures of yourself that scream "how did I not know?!"

Maybe you celebrated Britney Spears' birthday and forced your friends to sing "Happy Birthday" to a cardboard cutout.

Maybe you were always striking a pose.

Or maybe you were just OBSESSED with watching figure skating at the Olympics.

"Mom, the signs were everywhere!!"

Sooooo, because these pictures are the best, share with us your "gayest" childhood picture along with a little explanation about it in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!