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LGBTQ People Shared Their "Gayest" Pictures With Us, And If These Pictures Don't Make Your Day, Nothing Will

But really mom, the signs were everywhere.

Every couple of months, we ask LGBTQ members of the BuzzFeed Community to send us pictures of their younger not-so-straight selves. Because it's Pride Month, I asked again and you delivered with more great pics. Enjoy.

1. "I was very excited to sit on Smurfette’s lap..." —jamiev424c94b8b

2. "Featuring me AND my little brother, who is also gay!" —alexg69

3. "10 months old and I already knew that a lace front was the way to go." —andyd

4. "Strike a pose, there's nothing to it." —Andres Zapata, Facebook

Andres Zapata

5. "I had a Spice Girls picture book and copied Baby Spice’s poses in every photo I took in the '90s. ✌"—jonob93

6. "Just your average cowboy." —jarrettsavant

7. "My four older brothers and I all picked out our own Easter outfits that year. I call this picture, 'Blue, Blue, Brown, Brown, Gay.'" —seejordan

8. "A very on-brand picture of me when I was 7." —timothygonzales

9. "Look at that smile and the head tilt. How was my mom shocked when I came out at 29?" —ikbalsutannasution

10. "My sister holding a Barbie, my brother holding a G.I. Joe, and me holding...a remote-control rat." — cactipoke

11. "1-year-old. #BabyButch #Forever." —kiaraj92

12. "My mini lezzie self was all business in the front and party in the back! And no butch would be complete without a workout panda shirt!" —amandab225

13. "The flannel, the sunglasses, my brother’s shoes, and my dad’s hat." —valb4d3667845

14. "Serving face, stunting pretty. I'm the bitch from the 'happiest place in the world.'" —cagedbird

15. "Catch a big fish ✅ Bevel like Rockette ✅" —rjp1981

16. "Future lesbian reporting with my best ‘on my way to steal ya girl’ face.'" —taylorbrookecyr

17. Even at age 3 I couldn’t sit in a chair like a normal person. — Alice

18. "As a young girl, I got cast in my school's Christmas one of the Wise Men. Mum unknowingly helped me get into my first drag — even drawing a beard on me.” —lildragjesus

19. "I didn't know I was gay yet, but my mom's shirt sure did." —Jay Jay

20. "Striking a pose even when I was supposed to be fishing." —codystretchb

21. "Dancing > football." —eds22

22. "I couldn’t quite grasp the whole ‘sitting in chairs correctly’ concept." —lizmenendez

23. "More interested in posing with the fish than actually catching them." —jkcy87

24. "How did my parents not figure it out for 21 years?" —trashhuman

25. "My parents had to know, right?" —mmartinh13

26. "As a non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns, this makes perfect sense to me. My bowl cut, rainbow heart shirt, and the pose. Iconic awkward androgyny." —mgtuff99

27. "Howdy ladies." —nicolew4fa00946c

28. "I'm a gay trans man who loves dresses. I made outfits like this all the time as a kid, which caused my parents not to believe me when I came out six years ago. But now that it's a little more acceptable for people to wear what they like regardless of gender, I can confidently wear what I want and not worry about what others think again :)" —maxymurder

29. "If this cross-legged picture with Ball Gown Minnie didn't do it for 'em, I'm not sure what else they were waiting for. This was a complete serve for 4-year-old me." —ColieOlieOleman

30. "Oh, this? Just a sign I made, printed out, colored IN A RAINBOW and demanded my dad take a picture of me for absolutely no reason other than to proclaim my love for all things Les Mis." —travisgrossi

31. "The Hawaiian shirt and King Princess haircut should have been indicators of my lesbianism early in life!" —izzyrusso

32. "Hand on hip, holding up a VHS of the Swan Princess. I loved that film, and was damned proud to have it!" —tellerink

33. "I'm FTM. This is me around age 3, dressed as my favorite fictional character at the time: Max, King of the Wild Things." —pariss4ba788046

34. "Kindergarten was my first day in drag!" —johncampa

35. "Mom wanted pretty dress, I wanted mud puddles." —humanrhapsody

36. "Let's just say it didn't really come as a shock to anybody when I turned out to be a gay trans man." —19gbiggs99

37. "A baby gay with legs for days." —lummis7

38. "Have you ever seen a more fabulous Batman?! I basically came out with the strength of the bat signal." —jmehock

39. "The sass alone should’ve been a giveaway, but I went to Catholic school, thankfully I had two amazing parents who recognized it before I did and were very supportive when I figured it out." —rickyw

40. "The clothes, the hair, the pose, the stare. The gayest bb." —alymarie29

41. "Here I am on Christmas morning with Cool Shavin' Ken. It should come as no surprise that my Barbies all ended up with shaved heads." —katiem124

42. "Short spikey hair (modeled after my favorite wrestler back in the day) and I compromised with the pink sweatshirt to make my mother happy, but come on, I’m not fooling anyone here: GAYYYY!!" —sydneyp123

43. "I meeeean…" —caseymaine

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Kevin Valente / BuzzFeed

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