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    The 17 Saddest Concerts Ever

    Bad ticket sales happen to good people.

    1. In 2013, Brandy played a concert in South Africa at an arena with 90,000 seats. Forty people were in the audience. Most of those people were probably maintenance workers.

    Gallo Images / Getty Images

    Kabomo is a South African musician. He was there. He had "no words" for what he witnessed.

    2. Fifth Harmony once played a concert at a Sam's Club shareholders meeting. Yes, like the bulk food store. This Vine says so much about how that went:

    3. In 2014, Carly Rae Jepsen held an event at a DavidsTea shop. Twenty people showed up. One was a fan. Nineteen were just random people. They had a goal to sell 30,000 cups of tea that day...

    4. Another time, Carly Rae Jepsen performed at a school gymnasium. Watch this:

    5. This year, Ashanti was supposed to have a concert on the 4th of July. She told her fans her concert was canceled because the police said it was unsafe. *Maury Povich voice* That was a lie.

    The promoter chimed in on an Instagram thread and said it was because no one bought tickets.

    6. This is a picture taken five minutes before an Azealia Banks concert. She didn't show up.


    7. Nelly once played a concert in Iraq. It was pretty much empty. Most awkward version of "Hot in Herre" ever.

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    8. Keri Hilson was paid $100,000 to play to an empty arena in Dallas.

    9. Another time she played a Walmart parking lot.

    10. Khia now plays at cookouts and reunions. This video is iconic:

    11. Jon Gosselin DJs at empty bowling alleys. He also performs at middle school dances.

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    12. In 2014, Mase had a "comeback concert" in the U.K. Only 80 people showed up.

    Damn only 80 people came to see Mase ? Damn that's sad

    13. Here's a picture of a Fifth Harmony concert. It may be a soundcheck. Either way, it's still funny:

    BREAKING: @FifthHarmony (hew? 2014 VMA winners for #BestNewArtist) SLAYING all 15 fans at free concert. 3 per girl!

    14. Karmin had a free show on a bus. Four people watched.

    15. Lady Gaga had a show in Peru. She said 50,000 people showed up...

    hope monsters are happy today, night everyone have sweet dreams. show for 50,000 in PERU 2moro night (NO VACAY FOR GI GI) #whocares #iloveit

    This is what it looked like supposedly minutes before the show began.

    16. Here's a video of Jewel singing "The Walmart Song" at a Walmart meeting or something. : /

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    17. And lastly, this was a real concert.

    I don't think anything further needs to be said.

    Have a good day!