Lea Michele Says She Has 265 Days To Learn How To Read

    Best of luck on your journey, girl.

    Well, it looks like Lea Michele might finally learn how to read!

    A couple of years ago, a rumor started circulating online that Lea Michele couldn't read.

    A close-up of Lea smiling

    It kind of spiraled from there and became part of the daily online discourse.

    rupaul: because reading is WHAT?? lea michele:

    Twitter: @lafruttacaduta

    Eventually, Lea responded to the rumors on TikTok by pretending to call her friend Jonathan Groff...

    ...she also responded to TikTok comments.

    But we still haven't gotten confirmation on her *actual* literacy status...until now.

    Yesterday, Barbra Streisand announced her memoir, My Name Is Barbra, is set to be published in November.

    Lea is currently starring in Funny Girl on Broadway, which was made famous by Barbra, so it's no surprise she's a huge Barbra fan.

    And now Lea posted on TikTok that she has 265 days to learn how to read:

    Best of luck, Lea!

    We support you!