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    People Are Laughing At Kylie Jenner's Pathetic Water Pressure And Now I Am Too

    That's just sad.

    Welcome to another BuzzFeed post about a truly historic occasion!

    The presidential inauguration on Wednesday

    No, not that one.

    Doug and Kamala wave at the inauguration

    We're talking about Kylie Jenner's water pressure in her shower.

    Yup, the water pressure in Kylie Jenner's shower.

    A showerhead

    The speed at which water comes out of the shower at Kylie Jenner's house.

    Another showerhead

    It all started with Kylie posting a video of her shower to Instagram.


    For a $36.5 million "resort mansion"...that water pressure is no good.

    An outdoor resort part of Kylie's mansion

    Like her house is literally a W Hotel lobby.

    An inside room of Kylie's 'resort mansion'

    A tweet pointing that out garnered hundreds of thousands of likes.

    Kylie Jenner lives in a $35m mansion, and this is the water pressure...

    And now I'm just sitting here laughing at the memes.

    me judging kylie jenner's $35mill shower from the comfort of my parent's house

    Twitter: @uncommonsense
    Twitter: @najaco

    My tears came down with more pressure than Kylie Jenner's shower

    Twitter: @mofinho
    Twitter: @doctorswagg

    Why does my dorm shower have better water pressure than Kylie Jenner

    Twitter: @bay_what

    My water pressure is better than @KylieJenner’s!!

    Twitter: @AdamWebb27

    Kylie Jenner... Marble 100K, water pressure 25c

    Twitter: @JimMcBass

    So yeah, that's where my 2021 is at right now: laughing at Kylie Jenner's shitty water pressure.