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Kylie Jenner's Humongous Christmas Tree Has Pissed Off A Lot Of People, But I'm Just Trying To Figure Out What That Potato Sack Thing Is

Another day, another drama. This time about a Christmas tree.

Kylie Jenner is *really* into Christmas.

Kylie at a red carpet event wearing a strapless sweetheart neckline dress with opera gloves and a jeweled headpiece

Like, Kim does Halloween real big with her vagina spider house.

And Kylie does Christmas huge with her Rockefeller Center–size tree.

Twitter: @KylieJenner

And now, 'tis the season where Kylie shows off her ginormous tree.

It's two stories high.

That's a whole lotta ornaments that need to be put up.

A closeup of a huge amount of Christmas ornaments

So Kylie did what anyone with billionaire money would do... she hired a staff to do it.

But there's something that really confuses me...

A closeup of the tree pre-decoration

...what in the world is this thing?

I genuinely have no idea.

Also, how the heck did she get that thing inside her house? It's HUGE.

But the comments are where things got real messy...

One person said "It's giving Rockefeller Center"

People said the tree was bigger than their apartments.

"her tree is the size of my apartment"

"Kylie's tree the size of my crib," this person said.

This person pointed out how ridiculous it was to pay people to put up your Christmas tree.

"Ahh the family tradition of just paying people to put up your tree lights and ornaments"

"What kind of tradition is that?" this person asked.

"You hire people to decorate your tree? What kind of tradition is that?"

Then there were the spider comments, which, like, terrifying.

"thinking about how many spiders are going to come from that"

"Do they check the whole tree for spiders?" this person wondered.

"Do they check the whole tree for spiders? Is her tree farm just the nearest forrest? So many questions"

I particularly liked this comment about homeless possums.

30 possums are now homeless

"Not u bringing the whole forest omg," this person said.

Other people were mad at Kylie for cutting down a tree this big for decor.

"Why would anyone cut this down," this tree lover said.

There were also a lot of comments about this ridiculous display of wealth.

"It's beginning to look a lot like greedmas," this person said.

ULTIMATELY, I don't really care about all of that (except the spiders). I just want to know what the hell that chandelier thing is.

What IS THAT?!

What's the potato sack lamp for

Because really, I have no idea.

I guess we'll never know.