19 Times Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Really, Really, Really Wanted You To Know They Are Dating

    The weird hand pictures get me most.

    It seems like every day we are bombarded with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker reminding us that they are dating.

    A woman looking at a laptop with a perturbed look on her face

    It's very *that one couple in middle school that dated for two weeks* vibes.

    So, because I'm a bitter Betty, let's recap!

    1. Travis is always posting pictures and videos with his hand on Kourtney's ass:


    Another photo on the beach with Travis's hand on Kourtney's ass

    2. Then there's Kourtney and her hand-holding pics. She loves nothing more than a good picture of hand-holding:

    3. Then there are Travis's tweets.

    I’ve never met a girl like you before

    Twitter: @travisbarker

    They give me LiveJournal or AIM profile 2003 vibes.

    Twitter: @travisbarker

    Like, I could totally see this as someone's away message:

    RT @travisbarker: To die by your side, the pleasure, the privilege is mine

    Twitter: @HYPHYHUNTLEY

    4. And we haven't even talked about the tattoos!

    5. Travis now has two Kourtney tattoos.


    This tattoo says "i love you" in Kourtney's handwriting

    6. Apparently, Travis also got a tattoo of a painting that's on Kourtney's wall:

    7. Now, let's talk about how they are always commenting on each other's Instagram accounts.

    Their Instagram comments are the 2021 equivalent of middle schoolers making out in the hallway between classes.

    Kourntey commented "Just like Heaven" to which Travis responded " EVERYTHING with a heart emoji"

    8. Travis posted this picture of Kourtney...

    ...and then Kourtney commented. How...cute.

    Travis caption the photo with "Anywhere with you" to which Kourtney responded "Everywhere"

    9. Travis, of course, commented on this picture:

    Very nice.

    Kourtney said "watchin' movies, but we ain't seen a thing tonight" and Travis responded with a devil emoji

    10. For Kourtney's birthday, Travis posted a carousel of pictures:

    11. It featured a classic picture of his hand on a part of her body:

    12. There was, of course, a picture of them holding hands:

    13. And a video of Kourtney deepthroating his thumb:

    14. Lastly, let's look at how they literally post the same Instagram stories:

    15. They really, really want you to know they're together:

    16. Real bad:

    17. So yeah, I could just be bitter and reliving the middle school trauma of watching that one couple making out in the hallways. I swear I'm happy for them!!

    18. But one thing's for sure...

    a note that says "i love you"

    19. Travis and Kourtney really, really, really want you to know they're dating. Like, real bad.