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Justin Bieber Posted Some Tool Lyrics, The Guy From Tool Said "Bummer," So His Wife Hailey Responded

What a headline!

Welcome to another edition of celebrity Twitter drama that could only happen in 2019 but also never needed to happen in the first place!

Today's drama involves Justin Bieber...

...his wife Hailey...

...and the lead singer of Tool.

Yes, Tool, the band.

Last week, Justin posted on his Instagram stories some lyrics from a 2006 Tool song called "The Pot."

The website Consequence of Sound tweeted out an article called "It's official: Justin Bieber is a Tool fan."

It’s official: Justin Bieber is a Tool fan. #JustinBieber

Then, the Tool guy, Maynard J Keenan, said this:

But because this is the internet, it doesn't end there.

Hailey Bieber decided to tweet this at the Tool guy:

So there you have it: Justin Bieber was listening to a 2006 Tool song and decided to put it on his story, the leader singer of Tool said "bummer," and then his wife came in and defended him.

What a time to be alive!