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28 Signs You Are Modern-Day Mean Girl

Just saw your text. Not.

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You know you are a 2015 version of a mean girl if...

1. Your self-worth depends on how many Instagram likes you get.

2. You "just see" texts on the regular.

3. You get pissed when someone sends you a snap that's already in their Snapchat story.


4. You get angry when someone calls a picture a selfie when it's clearly a picture someone else took of them. A selfie is a picture you TAKE YOURSELF.

5. You have been this friend before:

6. This is the 2015 version of "I like your outfit" when you actually don't:

Does anyone else like someone's picture on Instagram even though it's a bad photo just because they always like your photo! Haha

7. You location tag your Instagram vacation photos because you want people to know you're somewhere cool.

Neonci / Getty Images

8. You feel like you've failed if you go somewhere cool and don't get a 'gram-worthy picture.

Moodboard / Getty Images

9. You understand the true pleasure + entertainment value of watching drama unfold on Facebook.

10. You get extreme satisfaction from seeing who has viewed your Snapchat stories but don't look at certain people's Snapchat stories because you don't want to give them satisfaction of your view.

11. You cringe at the thought of someone liking their own Instagram.

Me when someone likes their own status/ instagram post

12. The quality of who follows you on social media matters.

My face when someone that follows over 10K+ people follows me. You obviously don't think I'm special.

13. You have perfected your "I have feelings about this" face.

my face when someone says something really shady but as america's sweetheart i need to keep up appearances

14. You think about the time of day when you can get the most Instagram likes and don't post until then.


15. You've deleted a photo because you thought you could get more likes at another time.

Sergey Novikov / Getty Images

16. You judge someone based on how many Instagram followers they have.

Flairimages / Getty Images

17. This is a good feeling:

18. This is the most annoying 10 seconds:

19. You get extreme pleasure from muting emails.

20. You "mentally claim" things like food and get pissed when someone takes the last piece of free bread even though you claimed it in your head.

@TheMattEspinosa this face of yours = LITERALLY me when I see food and mentally claim it

21. You have said: "The best decision I ever made was unfollowing X."

Juanmonino / Getty Images

22. You often say "that's so funny" and don't laugh.

Jackf / Getty Images

23. You think it's in bad taste to do a "flashback Friday." It's #tbt not #fbf. #fbf is not a thing.

Highwaystarz-photography / Getty Images

24. You think what Instagram filter someone uses speaks volumes about what type of person they are.

Chesterf / Getty Images

25. You know there is nothing worse than hearing someone you don't like speaking.

The face you make when someone you don't like is talking

26. You say "I can't even" all the time even though you definitely can.

Alliance / Getty Images

27. You are genuinely surprised when someone has an Android.

Medioimages / Getty Images

28. And you relate to this on a cosmic, spiritual level:

when the person with an iPhone 4 volunteers to take the group picture

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