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Julia Louis-Dreyfus's Response To The Fly On Mike Pence's Head Is Going Viral Because It's Extremely Representative Of 2020

A huge missed opportunity, tbh.

Last night, a tiny guest made a surprise appearance in the vice presidential debate.

A collab we weren't expecting to see.

Please welcome to the stage...

...a fly.

"Hi, sweets."

A fly saying hey sweets

The fly was only there for two minutes, but those two minutes were surely the most exciting two minutes in this house fly's 28-day life and also career.

As you probably know, Julia Louis-Dreyfus had a show called Veep.

JLD played Selina Meyer, a vice president and later a president.

So JLD's response was especially relevant and, honestly, my favorite of the night:

"Well, I really wish we had thought of this on @veephbo - who is controlling that fly?"

This proves once and for all that you can't even make this shit up anymore.

Later, girl.

A fly on Mike Pence's head