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Julia Louis-Dreyfus's Response To The Fly On Mike Pence's Head Is Going Viral Because It's Extremely Representative Of 2020

A huge missed opportunity, tbh.

Last night, a tiny guest made a surprise appearance in the vice presidential debate.


A collab we weren't expecting to see.


Please welcome to the stage...


...a fly.


"Hi, sweets."

A fly saying hey sweets

It's literally the only thing people are talking about.

The fly was only there for two minutes, but those two minutes were surely the most exciting two minutes in this house fly's 28-day life and also career.


As you probably know, Julia Louis-Dreyfus had a show called Veep.

JLD played Selina Meyer, a vice president and later a president.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

So JLD's response was especially relevant and, honestly, my favorite of the night:

"Well, I really wish we had thought of this on @veephbo - who is controlling that fly?"

Official JLD/

This proves once and for all that you can't even make this shit up anymore.


Later, girl.

A fly on Mike Pence's head

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