Julia Fox Showed Off Her Birkin Bag After Claiming She Got Into A Machete Attack

    "She was actually attacked by a machete; I'm not kidding. That actually happened to this bag and me."

    Julia Fox is one of the most polarizing celebs out there.

    Julia wearing a silvery garment that looks like a trash bag

    Personally, I'm obsessed.

    Julia on the street in a bra and panties and a jean jacket and jean boots

    She's exciting!

    Julia in thigh-high stiletto boots and matching long gloves and bandeau skirt and top

    She reminds me of Lady Gaga in the early 2010s, when everything she wore would make news.

    Julia on the street in a lower-back-baring pant and top set

    Her TikTok is also surprisingly refreshing, honest, and funny.

    But enough of my Julia Fox rambling — let's talk about her machete attack.

    Julia in a chain-link bra and panties and leather jacket

    Yes, a machete attack.

    Here's the story:

    "I love her, but she's been through a lot," she says as she shows off her extremely expensive Birkin bag.

    Screenshot of the bag

    "She was actually attacked by a machete; I'm not kidding. That actually happened to this bag and me," Julia continues.

    Screenshot of Julia close-up

    She shows off the machete damage.

    Close-up of the bag with a small tear

    "You can see a little bit from where the machete slipped and hit the side of the bag," she says.

    Another close-up of the damage

    "I don't even know how I fucking managed. You know I was holding on to this Birkin for my life," she finishes.

    Close-up screenshot of Julia

    The comments on the TikTok are exactly what you'd expect them to be.

    Are you gonna skip over the machete story or astonished emoji

    What the hell happened with the machete attack!

    Julia why were you attacked by a machete sobbing emoji

    Paper reached out about the machete attack, and Julia responded, "I ain't no snitch tho🤫." Like, she actually used a shushing face emoji.

    Close-up of Julia with dramatic eye makeup and huge door knocker earrings

    Either way, I'm obsessed.

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    Never change.

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