Jennifer Lopez's $42.5 Million Mansion Is My Favorite Ridiculously Expensive And Completely Unobtainable Celeb Mansion I've Seen In A While

    There's a private lagoon and 100-person amphitheater. Come on now.

    Welcome to another post about celebrity homes you'll never be able to afford but are fun to look at because it's wild that people have $40+ million houses! In this economy, wow!

    Jennifer walks outside while wearing a luxe winter coat and a matching clutch purse.

    This time, we'll be looking at Jennifer Lopez's Bel Air mansion, which is going for a measly $42.5 million.

    A close-up of Jennifer on the red carpet wearing a sheer dress with sequins. Her hair is pulled into a high bun

    And I have to be honest with you, this is a good one! Like, this would definitely be my The Last Of Us compound choice.

    Cross the bridge and you enter your $40 million house.

    A closeup of the small bridge

    The property looks straight out of the movie Parasite, and I mean that in a good way!

    An elevated infinity pool sits in front of what is the back of the multi-story home that is surrounded by trees

    I hope they're not keeping someone in that basement!

    A view of the garage and the backyard that has a swing attached to a large tree

    It's really quite picturesque.

    The property has these layered tranquil pools.

    I feel like people pay $30 to go to botanical gardens that look like this.

    There's also a garden with your own organic lettuces.

    A close-up of the garden which has wooden post signs for arugula and black kale

    She even installed a 100-person amphitheater — like, I didn't even think that was a thing houses could have.

    The stone amphitheater has pillows and seat cushions

    I assume she has done multiple acoustic performances of "Louboutins" here.

    A view of the seating from the stage level

    The property is lit by these old timey lamps from Disney World.

    There's also this sick lagoon thing.


    There's a hot tub with a view...

    ...and obviously multiple outdoor fireplaces.

    Lord knows you can never have too many outdoor fireplaces!

    The inside itself is stunning.

    A view of a winding staircase that passes by two large art pieces on the wall

    There are multiple living rooms...

    ...and the whole thing is very "wood-heavy," if that makes sense.

    There's even a large pink couch room:

    One of the bathrooms leads you out to the botanical garden.

    It's like the billionaire's version of Pottery Barn.

    There's a large, fully equipped gym.

    My favorite part is the movie room because...

    ...Jen and Ben's movies are on the wall (!!).

    The kitchen is very bright.

    There's a little seating area next to that.

    The bedroom is carpeted, which I find interesting.

    Overall, I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life here.

    I guess the only problem is the windows would probably give you away to looters or mushroom people.

    Anyway, someone Venmo me $40 million. Thanks!