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    Kim Kardashian Completely Transformed Her Terrifying Mansion For Her 5-Year-Old's Birthday Party, And It's Waaaaaay Less Scary Than It Usually Is

    This house actually kind of looks like a home now.

    Kim Kardashian's $60 million house is well-known for looking like a futuristic horror movie adaptation of what an abandoned hospital would look like in the year 2172.

    Kim, who's wearing a dress with several cutouts, poses for a photo with another person, who's wearing a tux, in Kim's very minimalist hallway

    We've been posting about this house for yeeears!!!

    But one thing we've learned after all this time is that Kimmy loves switching it up!

    It doesn't always look like this:

    She loves a good holiday and birthday decoration.

    On Christmas, Kim fills her hallway with large tampon-like poofs to make her own Whoville.

    On Halloween, there are the piles of pumpkins.

    And sometimes she even spruces up the ol' place with a giant spider, vagina-looking thing.

    a large fake spider on her house

    You may also remember that year her living room looked like this on Valentine's Day:

    And now it seems like Kim has transformed her house for her daughter Chicago's fifth birthday.

    It's like a completely different house!

    While the living room can look a bit sparse like this:

    Kim added a pink carpet and personalized ball pit:

    And that scary hallway?

    She transformed it into this cute lil' space:

    Much better!

    There was also a custom ramen station:

    A custom milkshake station:

    And waffle pops:

    There's actually stuff inside this house...

    ...and it almost feels like a home!

    Anyway, I'm just bitter and jealous and want a $60 million house with a pink carpet.