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Jay-Z Is Going Viral For Embarrassing His Daughter, Blue Ivy, At A Basketball Game — Like, This Is Actually So Relatable

"Dad, my hair."

Adele has been the queen of viral NBA moments lately for doing essentially nothing.

Adele yelling at a basketball game while covering her face with her purse

A video of her quite literally sitting in her seat looking bored has over 30 million views.

adele at a basketball turning not looking facing the camera at all


She went viral for doing the tiniest shoulder jig to "Levitating."

It's encouraging to see that Adele is just like the rest of us when Dua Lipa's "Levitating" comes on; even while she sits courtside at the Western Conference Finals in San Francisco. @Adele @DUALIPA

Fox 40

And people really resonated with her when she just, like, frowned.

adele frowning basketball game


But now we have a new duo looking to steal that "crown."

I'm talking about Jay-Z and Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z with his arm around Blue Ivy while sitting in courtside seats at a basketball game

The dual Grammy Award winners were in attendance for the NBA Finals.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy on the actual court, with security personnel around them

But first of all, we need to address something.

Blue Ivy looks EXACTLY like her mother.

Blue Ivy has long, very curly hair


A photo of Beyonce when she had very long, curly hair; the resemblance is uncanny

Secondly, we need to talk about this clip of Jay-Z embarrassing her, because I can *feel* the pre-teen angst and *cool dad* vibes:

NBA/ Twitter: @SportsCenter

From the beaming "proud dad smile."

Jay-Z smiling wildly while Blue Ivy stares at him with a blank expression

To the awkward kiss on the cheek.

Jay-Z kissing Blue Ivy on the cheek, while she looks away from him and seems embarrassed

To Blue Ivy saying to him "Dad, my hair."

Jay-Z still grinning while Blue Ivy frustratedly looks the other direction

It's honestly one of the most relatable things I've ever seen.

Like, this was 10,000% everyone in middle school.

So yeah, just sending you some love and light and good news today!