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    Adele Keeps Sitting Courtside At Basketball Games And Completely Stealing The Show By Doing Literally Nothing

    Adele being the star of NBA games wasn't on my 2022 bingo card.

    Jack Nicholson.

    Jack sitting courtside at a basketball game with his arms raised
    Stephen Dunn / Getty Images


    Drake standing courtside and smiling with his hands on his hips
    Cole Burston / Getty Images

    Adam Sandler.

    Adam sitting courtside with his hands clasped and smiling
    James Devaney / Getty Images

    And Spike Lee, just to name a few.

    Spike standing up courtside and gesticulating angrily while wearing Knicks gear
    James Devaney / GC Images / Getty Images

    You always see these guys at NBA games, but now there's a new face in town.

    Jack Nicholson smirking as he sits courtside by himself
    Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images


    Adele at tonight's #Lakers game in Los Angeles.

    Twitter: @AdelexGifs

    Yes, Adele.

    Twitter: @ChaseCenter

    Adele has been frequenting NBA games for the past year.

    I need Adele to go to another basketball game. Come on give us something

    Twitter: @allnightwine

    You'll usually see her with her boyfriend, Rich Paul.

    Adele and Rich cuddling courtside at a game
    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    Rich is a sports agent and reps a lot of high-profile basketball players.

    Or you might even see her with a famous friend, like Mary J. Blige.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    She has become more entertaining than the game.

    Too many basketball tweets on my timeline I’m only here for Adele

    Twitter: @adelethegreatad


    Adele holding up a Louis Vuitton purse over her face
    Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    She's the queen of expressions.

    Adele grimacing as she watches a game
    Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    Why watch the game when you could watch Adele scream into her handbag?

    Adele yelling but holding up her handbag to block her face
    Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    "Hello," I'd much rather watch Adele!

    Adele watching Giannis' alley-oop 🗣

    Getty Images/ Twitter: @SportsCenter

    Her first viral basketball moment happened when she literally did nothing.

    adele at a basketball turning not looking facing the camera at all

    NBA/ Twitter: @xjinvids

    Like, she's just looking around, and that video has over 30 million views.

    NBA/ Twitter: @chrisxadele

    It instantly became a meme:

    Me with my parents while (not) watching the sex scene in the movie.

    TNT/ NBA/ Twitter: @franc_allkja

    A relatable clip for all experiences:

    Zara employees when you need a fitting room:

    TNT/NBA/ Twitter: @alex_abads

    But that's not all!

    Adele at Western Conference finals Game 2

    TNT/Twitter: @BenGolliver

    She keeps coming back!

    I am breaking my silence!!! I only like basketball because of Adele!!!

    Getty Images/ Twitter: @adele30please

    She was spotted jamming out to "Levitating."

    It's encouraging to see that Adele is just like the rest of us when Dua Lipa's "Levitating" comes on; even while she sits courtside at the Western Conference Finals in San Francisco. @Adele @DUALIPA

    Fox 40/ Twitter: @SeanCunningham

    She was chatting it up with Rich.

    Adele: “I don’t understand this” Rich: “it’s basketball darling” Adele: “still don’t get it” **drinks

    TNT/NBA/ Twitter: @chrisxadele

    And she genuinely looks...bored.

    Adele is done coming to these little basketball games

    NBA/ Twitter: @JusAire

    I am just so into "bored Adele at basketball games."

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    So, please keep going regardless of your boredom.

    When’s the next basketball game, Adele? I’d like to be mentally prepare 😂

    Twitter: @adele30please

    We need your frowns.

    adele frowning basketball game

    NBA/ Twitter: @akichives