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    I've Had This Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber Mashup On Repeat For Days & Days

    I don't care if this post gets 500 views, I just need to share it.

    Selena Gomez recently had her first Billboard no. 1 song of her career with "Lose You To Love Me."


    And Justin Bieber is trying to sell his house on Instagram.

    But this post isn't about any fake drama between the two of them, this post is about a mashup that I need to share because it's just. that. good.

    Andy Wu is probably the most talented mashup artist out there. Earlier this year, he made this very gay but incredibly gorgeous "On A Roll" vs. "Why Did You Do That?" mashup:

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    His latest mashup is even better. It's of Justin's "Sorry" and Selena's "Lose You To Love Me" and it has me like the old lady in "The Notebook."

    New Line Cinema


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