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23 More Pictures Of In-Person Learning That Teachers Want The Entire World To See

The reality is a bit jarring.

Another week, another round of schools re-opening...and in some cases closing again.

The debate over in-person learning rages on, but one voice seems to be completely ignored in all of this: the teachers.

Here's what some of them are sharing online about the reality of what in-person learning actually looks like:

1. A shower curtain in front of a "socially distanced" desk.

My district provided “socially distanced” desk. 😒😒 Y’all...

2. A plexiglass wall that a virus definitely can't get around.

Checked out my classroom today. It’s a good thing viruses haven’t evolved to go around or over plastic boards.

3. A single thin plexiglass board.

@Deh_Bone_Air I truly can empathize with your situation. Here is my college’s “safety measures” for myself and other faculty...

4. A line of tape to keep everyone safe.

5. Garbage bags to protect from the virus.

picture of a woman wearing a garbage bag like a vest

6. Three masks and a pair of gloves for an entire year.

This is my district provided PPE. I had to sign a form acknowledging this is all I’ll get for the YEAR. My job is my passion, but I am angry. Angry at every political decision that got us to this point. Angry at a lack of school funding. Just angry. #COVID19 #teachertwitter

7. Masks that look like this.

THIS is the “mask” that the state of Tennessee has given to K-12 teachers. I’m so done.

8. Whatever this thing is.

This is the PPE given to the teachers in our district. A swank suburb of Chicago. Slim odds school is starting in person in 3 weeks.

9. Classrooms where social distancing is impossible.

This was my classroom last year. You tell me how to reconfigure this room to fit all these desks and endure social distancing. And remember, masks aren’t mandatory so I have no way of protecting myself from others. @NLTeachersAssoc

10. A face mask and a cosmic brownie to keep everyone safe.

This is the PPE we were given for school this year. A two layer mask and a brownie.

11. Big plastic borders between kids.

@FreckledShelley @RexChapman My former French teacher had to do something similar while she waits on supplies “on order” instead myself and other former students have sent supplies like Lysol wipes and tissues and hand sanitizer to get her through until the county supplies necessities.

12. ANOTHER shower curtain.

13. A face guard, bottle of cleaner, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

@morganmyer This was my provided PPE, plus the 8 oz bottle of hand sanitizer not pictured #clearthelist #teachertwitter #COVID19

14. A single pack of alcohol wipes.

@morganmyer This is our cleaning supplies. (Please use responsibly as to make them last - ppe wasn’t even a discussion) I know they are making hard decisions and trying but...

15. PPE constructed with stuff purchased with the teacher's own money, completely out of pocket.

@RexChapman This is my sister’s classroom. She paid for it out of her pocket.

16. Wall-to-wall desks.

@RexChapman Amazing! I wish I would have seen this before my 1st grade class started yesterday. Although, not sure if I would of had room. I have 26 1st graders and it’s almost wall to wall desks 😢

17. Classrooms where it's nearly impossible to socially distance.

Preparing to return to the classroom even though our county continues to increase in cases. Here is my social distance room - only 4 feet from one child to the next. Classrooms aren’t designed to social distance.

18. Yet another shower curtain and velcro to create a makeshift border.

I was allowed to hang a clear shower curtain (with removable Velcro) to use as an additional barrier in class. There's a partial plexiglass on the left side of the picture. Will add curtains on the other side (partial). #schoolsreopening #teachertwitter

19. A total of 84 students rotating through a classroom.

I can safely social distance 9-10 kids at 6 ft apart in my classroom yet I will have for sure 20+ in my classes. 84 students will be rotating through my class daily. It's madness. Insanity. I can't believe @AsaHutchinson is forcing arkansas schools to have face 2 face instruction

20. And 33 desks in a room.

Started working on my classroom today. I have 33 desks (3 totally obstructed) and I need to find room for 3 more. It was 24.8 C in there on a mild day, no fans allowed. You can’t pack ppl in like this anywhere else in country, but #onted says it’s fine! #FireLecce

21. A year's supply of PPE that looks like this.

This is the “Years Supply of PPE” teachers were promised. #werescrewed ⁦@AsaHutchinson⁩

22. School districts giving out "COVID kits."

My “ covid kit” for my classroom. One thing of wipes, one thing of hand sanitizer, a couple gloves and a couple masks. Whew I feel so much better! 😑😳🤯

23. And lots of "excitement."

Lately, my district has been posting photos of stacks of PPE and masked teachers streaming into buildings with captions like “so excited to see this!” But there is nothing exciting about this. Absolutely nothing.