Imagine A World Without Joey Fatone

I’m sick of everyone always ragging on Joey. The world would be a completely different place without him.

Rule #1: This is a Joey Fatone safe zone. I want none of that Joey “FAT-ONE” bullshit.

2. Now let’s get even darker. Imagine a world without him. Bye, Joey.

3. Who would’ve gotten their hair done with Chris the night before a big awards show?

4. Who would’ve JC wrapped his arms around?

5. Who would’ve had Justin’s back?

6. Who would’ve played with Lance?

7. I guess Chris could have played with Lance, but let’s face it, Lance demanded a lot of attention.

8. Who would’ve volunteered to wear the furry pink “pimp” coat?

9. Who would’ve worn the capris?

10. Who would’ve driven the guys to dance practice?

11. Who would’ve inspired other members of the group to get bad tattoos?

12. Who would’ve wiped JC’s face clean?

13. Who would’ve gotten really high with Chris?

14. Who would’ve starred in “On the Line” alongside Lance? Chris Kirkpatrick?

I think not.

15. Who would’ve held the giant fluorescent Easter egg?

16. Would anyone have frosted hair if it wasn’t for Joey?

17. Would anyone have pierced their ears?

18. No. The answer is no. NSYNC needed Joey Fatone.

19. He was the top of the totem pole.

20. He was the bottom of the totem pole.

(The most important part)

21. He wore his tacky jewelry proudly…

22. …was passionate about Superman…

23. …and most importantly, his red hair was important because it offset all the frosted tips.

24. In conclusion, thank you, Joey. THANK YOU.

25. God must have spent a little more time on you.

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