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    Iggy Azalea Released A Full Statement About Working With Britney Spears: "She's Restricted From Even The Most Bizarre And Trivial Things"

    She said Britney can't even drink the amount of soda she wants. Soda!

    It's been a full week since Britney Spears gave her explosive testimony about the conservatorship she's been under for 13 years.

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    Just yesterday, her request to have her father removed from it was denied.

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    And now more celebrities have started showing their support and telling their own stories about what it was like working with her.

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    The other day, Iggy Azalea spoke out in a series of tweets saying she signed a non-disclosure agreement and couldn't speak out or else Britney's father would sue her:

    @spearscutie @ItJstn I signed a non disclosure and her father could and probably would sue me.

    Twitter: @IGGYAZALEA

    You can read all of the tweets here.

    For those who don't know, Iggy and Britney worked together on the song "Pretty Girls" in 2015.

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    The song was a promo single for the return of Britney's Las Vegas residency, and the two collaborated for the video together.

    Britney and Iggy on set for their music video
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    They performed the song together once, and only once, for the Billboard Music Awards. The performance was pre-taped and was from the stage of Britney's Las Vegas residency.

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    After her initial tweets, Iggy has released a full statement saying that she "personally witnessed the same behavior Britney detailed in regards to her father."

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    Here's the full thing:

    Twitter: @IGGYAZALEA

    For those who can't read the text, it says:

    “It's basic human decency to at the very least remove a person Britney has identified as abusive from her life. This should be illegal."

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    “During the time we worked together in 2015, I personally witnessed the same behavior Britney detailed in regards to her father last week and I just want to back her up and tell the world that: She is not exaggerating or lying."

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    "I saw her restricted from even the most bizarre and trivial things: like how many sodas she was allowed to drink. Why is that even necessary?"

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    "Her father conveniently waited until literally moments before our BMAs performance when I was backstage in the dressing room & told me if I did not sign an NDA he would not allow me on stage."

    Denise Truscello / Getty Images

    "The way he went about getting me to sign a contract, sounded similar to the tactics Britney spoke about last week in regards to her Las Vegas show."

    Denise Truscello / Getty Images

    “Jamie Spears has a habit of making people sign documents while under duress it seems, and Britney Spears should not be forced to co-exist with that man when she’s made it clear it is negatively impacting her mental health."

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    "This is not right at all."

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    For those who don't know, Iggy's contract-signing comment was in regards to Britney saying she was forced to sign a contract to go on tour immediately after leaving the stage.

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    In her testimony, Britney said: "He handed me a sheet of paper as I got off the stage in Vegas and said I had to sign it. It was very threatening and scary. And with the conservatorship, I couldn’t even get my own attorney. So out of fear, I went ahead and I did the tour."

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    As I said above, the latest update is that a judge denied Britney from having her father removed from the conservatorship.

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    Now, hopefully more people who have worked with her continue to speak out.

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