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I Thought This Was Just Another Basic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Until I Saw Trey Songz Wearing Basketball Shorts In The Background

That's when EVERYTHING changed. NSFW lol.

Our journey of self dickscovery begins with the actually ridiculously hot Trey Songz and his ALS ice bucket challenge. I'm all like, "I'm gonna watch because Trey Songz is shirtless in gray boxer briefs. I am here for that."

I enjoy it very much.

Then I see that his half brother, Forrest Tucker, also did the challenge. He's also very hot and shirtless in gray boxer briefs, so I watch.

That's when everything takes a dramatic turn.

You see, I notice a shirtless torso in basketball shorts in the background that is apparently Trey Songz. I am immediately intrigued because everyone knows there is nothing hotter than a guy in basketball shorts.

With squinted eyes and pursed lips, I watch the challenge... but then something crazy happens. We're talking straight up penis paranormal activity.





I then dropped to my knees, cried, dug my grave, and died.

You can watch the full version here. Note: This wasn't the original. They cropped it because of Trey Songz' giant swinging schlong.

Also donate to ALS here!