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    33 Things That Are Homophobia At Its Finest

    Sad. All of it.

    1. The Chainsmokers are Grammy award winners.

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    2. Carly Rae Jepsen has sold like 12 albums.

    3. Tinashe isn't famous.

    4. "Slumber Party" flopped.

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    5. The fact that Justin Timberlake may be headlining this years' Super Bowl.

    6. God Warrior isn't our president.

    7. "My Neck, My Back" isn't our National Anthem.

    8. Christina Aguilera hasn't released an album in 47 years and is basically just an Oreo salesperson now.

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    9. "Coyote Ugly" didn't win an Academy Award.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    10. No one cares about Fergie's comeback.

    Prediction of Hits Daily Double... #DoubleDutchess first week sales less than 15k 😰😰 C’mon!! Keep buying:

    11. There is no "Telephone" sequel.

    12. "New Rules" isn't a massive hit in the U.S.

    13. Little Mix isn't famous in the U.S., either.

    14. That Britney Spears shirt Target is selling is sold out like everywhere.

    15. Girls Aloud never crossed over overseas.

    16. "Sparks" flopped.

    17. This article.

    18. The fact that this ever happened.

    19. The fact that Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" has this many views...


    20. ... while this cover has over 200 million!!!


    21. Also, Robyn hasn't released a song in 22 years except that 47-second mini-song "Honey" from "Girls." FUCK ME.

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    22. The fact that it took JoJo a 100 years to get freed from her record label and then the general *un gay* public paid her dust!

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    23. Danity Kane broke up.


    24. Leighton Meester only has one album.

    Universal Republic Records

    25. The fact that Kylie Minogue isn't as famous as Madonna.

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    26. The fact that "Into You" by Ariana Grande wasn't number one for 700 weeks.

    Apple Music / Via

    27. Rita Ora.

    28. This self-loathing gay who doesn't know true art.

    29. Any person who doesn't eat ass.

    Nd3000 / Getty Images

    30. This unsettling reality.

    It's homophobic that when I search "candy" on Spotify, Mandy Moore isn't the first thing that comes up.

    31. The fact that all seasons of Drag Race aren't streaming.


    32. The fact that gay people have to work during the month of gay pride.

    Ipggutenbergukltd / Getty Images

    33. And lastly, all of you gays commenting at the end of this BuzzFeed post that "these are all gay stereotypes" and you're not a *typical* gay.

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