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    Hilaria And Alec Baldwin's Kid Keyed Their Car, But I'm Still Caught Up On The Sheer Quantity Of Children To Begin With

    I'm tired just looking at these pictures.

    Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have 72 children.

    Just kidding, they have six...

    ...but it feels like more with all the pictures she takes with them piled on top of her.

    Like, literal mounds of children.

    Anyway, Hilaria's Instagram is an extremely detailed almost vlog-like diary of her adventures running a micro-daycare.

    In yesterday's episode, one of the kids decided to use a key to write emojis and his name on one of their cars.

    The writing spells out Rafael

    The social media aficionado shared the story:

    Apparently, Rafael felt bad, and this turned into another Hilaria parenting lesson.

    Then they took a picture with the emoji scratch faces.

    And at the end of the day, it looks like it's not staying, because Hilaria said, "Alec says we can't keep it."

    Until next time, this has been another episode of the 72 Baldwinito Kids & Counting.

    Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

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