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    Here's What The Grocery Store Where Tons Of Celebrities Are Doing Their Pandemic Shopping Is Like

    I'm just jealous.

    Celebrities are pandemic shopping just like the rest of us.


    Except the only difference is that they're shopping at high-end organic grocery stores that sell $20 juices with ingredients I can't pronounce, like "spirulina" and "jojoba."

    One place in particular I've noticed a ton of celebs shopping at is an organic grocery store called "Erewhon." "Erewhon" is basically "Nowhere" spelled backward (almost), btw.

    Demi Lovato has stocked up there.

    Megan Fox got her fix.

    Brody Jenner left with a big ole juice.

    Speidi got some smoothies.

    And Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend do their pandemic shopping there too.

    They sell stuff like CBD hummus.

    Aesthetically pleasing blue juices.

    I went to Erewhon (aka the most expensive groceries in LA) and bought this over priced Gatorade because they ran out of the “blue majik” almond milk (infused with blue algae and pearl powder) which closely resembles the blue Star Wars milk at Disneyland.

    Aesthetically pleasing turquoise smoothies.

    Whatever this is?

    Walls of premade Mason-jarred soups.

    Raw pizza, which I actually really want to try.

    Grass-fed, organic, non-GMO keto red velvet brownies with macadamia nuts.

    Erewhon's motto is literally, "If it's here it's good for you."

    It's an inspiring place to be!

    Earlier this year they had an unfortunate celery shortage, but we don't like to talk about that much.

    As an insider friend who lives in LA said: "Yikes, I would not shop for regular food there. They carry stuff that would spoil in two hours. [Redacted] bought a sandwich there and it was like $20! It's just so much fucking juice and raw food. The sushi bar is incredible, though. The salad bar, too. It's just...very expensive."

    If Erewhon looks familiar to you, then you've probably seen something extremely similar on You, Season 2. The grocery store where Will works, Anavrin, is based on Erewhon.

    "Anavrin" is "Nirvana" spelled backward. "Erehwon" spelled backward is (basically) "Nowhere."

    They also have extremely similar vibes.


    Brody Jenner is also definitely based on Forty.

    I mean, they're the same.